5 Ways to Stay Active as a Family This Summer

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Trying to live a healthier lifestyle and getting more active is beneficial to everyone. Whether young or old, we all have room for improvement. It’s important to think not only of your own health but also your family’s. Stay active this summer and take the opportunity to get you and your family in shape. It is possible to have fun doing it too! Below are 5 ways to stay active as a family this summer.

Plan outdoor activities

The summer is a great time to plan outdoor activities you wouldn’t usually do during the rest of the year. Swimming or hiking are great options. Try setting aside one day a week this summer for an outdoor adventure.

Take an exercise class

Check out the local community center and fitness clubs for family-friendly classes you can take together with your children. You can often find a yoga or aerobics class for parents and children. If your child is too young for something like this, you can incorporate them in other ways. Sometimes you can even burn extra calories incorporating your child into your workout.

Limit the TV

Set a weekly limit on television intake to encourage more active family pastimes. The less time in front of the TV means more time out running around.

Turn everyday chores into fun

Doing the laundry and unloading the dishwasher can be pretty monotonous. Turn these everyday chores into fun memories with your kids. Suggest a race to see how fast you can clean the house. Turn up the music and turn laundry day into a dance party.

Host an outdoor party

Turn on the sprinklers and host a water party! Perhaps plan a family vs family competition with your neighbors. Involving others in your quest for fun (and exercise) will only make staying active feel more like a part of your normal routine.

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