Dr. Rai’s Chiropractic Beginnings

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Why Chiropractic?


I had never had a single chiropractic adjustment before entering Chiropractic school.  I know, it sounds crazy when you think about it.  What I did know was I wanted to guide people in health, the most natural way possible.  I had seen my father get adjusted since I was 6 years old and how much it had helped him.  You see my dad’s chiropractor never mentioned to him how much it could help families of all ages.

So, there I was in Los Anglos ready to start this journey without knowing if it was the right path for me or not.  I enjoyed the first year or so, understanding and learning more about the human body.  I still wasn’t 100% sure if this was the right path for me or not until a little later on in schooling, I was able to go to El Salvador.

At the time parts of the country were still recovering from the major earthquake that had occurred.  I didn’t know what to expect, however, what I did know was how to check and adjust people. I was supposed to stay in San Salvador with a lot of others who had traveled with me.  However, that plan changed, and I was sent to a small village a few hours (at the time) away.

So, there I was in this small town, didn’t speak Spanish and I was going to start seeing patients the next day.  The town was amazing, the people loving.  I was placed in a home with a family, the matriarch being Don Chico (not kidding).  The English was extremely limited within the household but there were some Red Cross volunteers that would help at times.  They would house and feed and laugh with me over the course of time I was living with them.

The next day I found out that I was going to have my ‘Chiropractic Room’ in the local and only medical office.  I walked in and clearly the word had gotten out that someone that helped the body was here from the USA; there was a line of at least 25-30 people waiting at 7:30 am.  I would start at 7:30 am and end at 5 pm every day.  I went from my school’s student clinic seeing 5 patients per day to seeing 75- 100 people every day.  It was an exhausting yet mind-opening experience.

Any doubts that I had about becoming a Chiropractor quickly disappeared.  I would see healing on all different levels.  Many of these people, if not all, had no preconceived notions of what Chiropractic itself was or how it worked, but it did work.

One of the many people that will always be with me is a lady in her 90’s that I worked with while in El Salvador. Every morning I get would get to the office and she would be waiting in her wheelchair with her caregiver.  This wonderful lady hadn’t walked for close to 5 years, yet she was there every morning ready for her check-up.  I would lift and carry her to the Chiropractic table, check, and adjust her spine (she weighed very little.)  On the last day, she was a little hysterical and she didn’t want me to touch her, let alone lift her up.  I, being a young practitioner thought I did something ‘wrong’ but what everyone saw in that room made our jaws drop.  She lifted herself out of her wheelchair, walked 5 steps and sat on the Chiropractic table.  That was it for me.

No matter how young or old you are, health is within all of us.  We need to discover it.  This is why I am on this journey and loving every breathing second of it.

Who is Rai Chiropractic?

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