Easy and Healthy Breakfast Ideas For Parents On The Go – Tips From Dr. Rai

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Though we don’t claim to be experts, having two small children at our house have taught us a thing or two we can share to hopefully make mornings a bit easier and more nutritious at your house.

These are some breakfasts ideas that work for us:

  • overnight oats
  • crockpot steel cut oats
  • smoothies or smoothie bowls
  • oatmeal bake
  • muffins
  • homemade pancakes
  • chia pudding

When putting together the above ideas, we have found some tips that we like to incorporate into these meals to get the most out of them. Read below and give them a try!

Tip #1  – Make It The Night Before

Muffins, steel cut oats, and oat bakes are easily done the night before and can be reheated in minutes in the morning.


Tip #2 – Rotate Your Breakfast Ideas

We definitely don’t complicate things in the morning, but rather have a few go-to breakfasts that we put on a rotation once a week.

Tip #3 – Double It Up

Things like pancakes I only make on weekends when there is more time, so I always make a double batch. We can either eat them two days later or I can freeze them and pull them out for breakfast when I know there will be no time to prep.

Tip#4 – Incorporate Superfoods

Pancakes and muffins and smoothies are an excellent way to incorporate superfoods into your kids’ diets. Superfoods we add to pretty much everything in our house are chia seeds, flax seeds, hemp hearts, spirulina, bee pollen, and frozen wheatgrass pucks.

Making your own pancake batter is easy, but if you don’t have the time or seems intimidating, use a package and try grinding up a couple extra superfoods in there to get some more nutrition in your diet.

Tip #5 – Toppings and More Toppings

You may be surprised how much oatmeal a kid will eat if they have a buffet of toppings they are allowed to put on themselves. Fruit, shredded coconut flakes, raisins, peanut butter, nuts, seeds. Letting kids get involved and making their own bowl can be a fun way for them to try new things and be adventurous.

Tip #6 – Try to Use Other Flours Other Than White Or Whole Wheat

I know my kids are going to eat regular flour when we are out and about doing activities and eating out, so one goal we have is to use a plethora of ingredients and flours in our baking and breakfast at home. Next time you are making pancakes maybe try other flours like buckwheat, spelt, oat, coconut or almond flour.

Tip #7 – Sweeten Your Breakfast with Fruit or Natural Sugars Like Honey/Maple Syrup 

Having a breakfast with processed sugar will just make you crash and burn soon after eating it.

Tip #8 – Use Social Media to Your Advantage

Find and follow along moms and food enthusiasts who inspire you to be creative (like me! hehe), when it comes to eating healthy foods. Seeing other families similar to you who are making healthy choices can encourage us to do the same!

Here are some instagram accounts we follow:


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