Feeling Vs Function

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If your elbow has zero pain but moved half the amount it should, limiting the mobility of your arm, is your arm in good health? Although we may not be having pain or pain like symptoms, we always seem to ignore or put off treatment for those parts of our body that aren’t 100% functioning only because we feel no pain. The function of our body is just as important of a symptom as pain.

We allow pain, the triggered response from nerves that send messages to our central nervous system, to be the first indicator that something is wrong in our bodies, but our brain both regulates and prioritizes sensory input and pain. The percent of our nervous system made of sensory nerves is quite small, so often, messages of pain get blocked or deprioritized to allow the brain to process the more vital nerve responses. Since pain is subject to many different factors, therefore sometimes we feel pain, whereas other times we don’t, thus pain is never a streamline response to injury in the body, but rather a last resort symptom.

The first true indicator of something wrong within our bodies is when our bodies begin to stop functioning to their maximum capacity.  So why do we always wait till we feel pain to address an injury or review our bodies health? Well, because pain is the most obvious and uncomfortable nerve response, but just because we aren’t feeling pain does not mean we are healthy and our bodies are functioning properly.

We need to toss the ideology of ‘No Pain No Gain’ and start listening to our bodies.

Although pain, in general is unavoidable, when it comes to our health we need to stop feeding into the idea that with pain there is gain, because our health should never be reliant on whether or not we have pushed our bodies to the point of feeling pain and discomfort. By increasing our body awareness and being proactive rather than reactive with our bodies and how they function, we can prevent the root causes of pain and heal our bodies better and faster.

Why wait for the alarm bells of symptoms to ring before you begin to put out the fire?

Be proactive, if your body is not functioning properly or fully, don’t wait till you feel pain. Function versus feeling is something we need to embrace. Pay attention to how our bodies are operating, seek help when things aren’t, and educate yourself so you can live a more pain-free and healthier life!

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