Get Your Day Started Right with Chia Seeds!

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A good meal is the best way to kickstart your week. It’s always important to start it off properly, because a bad first day can lead to a poor mindset throughout the week. Here’s one of my favourite dishes to make the most of that Monday morning!

It’s a take on vanilla chia pudding with added goodies that anyone will love. Chia seeds are a ‘superfood’ that packs an incredible amount of nutrients such as fibre, calcium and other minerals. They’re also filled with antioxidants that provide immense health benefits!

Here’s what you need to get started:

Mix a good amount of chia seeds (1/2 cup or so) with 2 cups of almond milk and 2 teaspoons of vanilla extract. You can sweeten it with some maple syrup or cane sugar, but this is up to you. Once all these ingredients have been combined, stir well and place it covered in the fridge. Stir it about an hour or two after being placed in the fridge or so to prevent the seeds from sinking into the bottom of the bowl. It will set overnight.

When you wake up, your vanilla chia pudding will be ready! Just add a helping of pumpkin seeds (another great antioxidant), some pieces of coconut (if available), and a cup of blueberries. Mix well and enjoy a delicious meal to end those Monday morning blues!