Quick Lunch Ideas for Kids

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It can sometimes be a nightmare to pack a healthy but tasty meal for your child, but it’s doable! Here are some ideas for simple but delicious lunches that your child will enjoy.

  1. Rolls: Rice paper wrappers or lettuce leaves make delicious and healthy wraps. Fillings include tofu, pork, or other small pieces of food.
  2. Sushi: Rice and cooked fish make a great combo. It’s also fun to make sushi as a family, making this a good activity for children to get them in the habit of packing their own healthy lunches!
  3. Cold noodles: Soba or udon make great cold noodle salad bases. Canned fish, sesame oil, small chicken cubes, and peas will all go well with this.
  4. Superfood salad: Mix cheese, veggies, and meat into quinoa. Dressings include vinaigrette and combine with cherry tomatoes, fruit slices, and a small portion of chocolate.
  5. Wraps: Leftover chicken can make a tasty filling with cabbage in tortilla wraps!

School lunches don’t have to be a difficult chore if you can make it a fun activity with your children. This teaches them the basics of cooking as well as ensuring they know and appreciate the effort that goes into every meal.

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