The Benefits of “Grounding”

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Grounding, also referred to as “Earthing”, is the practice of coming into direct contact with the ground to neutralize the positive electrical charges in our bodies. We are exposed to electro-magnetic fields all the time, but we are disconnected from the earth that grounds us and neutralizes the electrical energy inside of us. That electrical energy is partly responsible for the harmful free radicals that contribute to disease and premature aging.

Think of the earth as a giant battery that is constantly being refueled by the sun and the natural electrical charges in the atmosphere. This natural energy of the earth helps to keep everything in balance. Unlike our ancestors, we don’t connect directly with this balancing and healing energy because we sleep indoors, wear rubber soled shoes, and sit on chairs when outside.

How Do We Ground Ourselves?

The easiest way to get grounded is to simply take a walk outside barefoot in the grass or on a sandy beach. Sitting or lying down on the ground is another way to do this. Working in your garden without gloves on will also bring you in direct contact with the earth.

There are devices you can use to ground. These can be especially helpful if the weather is not conducive to being outside, as we can experience during a majority of the BC year. These devices include mats, pads, bedding, patches, and bands that connect to a grounded electrical outlet. Home earthing supplies are also available online through specialty companies in Canada.

Health Benefits of Grounding

Grounding stabilizes our bodies and allows us to absorb the earth’s electrons that help to regulate all systems. It immediately has an impact on our health. Have you ever noticed that when you are barefoot at the beach you feel less stressed and you can easily fall asleep on a towel in the warm sun? This, in part, is a direct response to reduced inflammation, less pain and discomfort, and hormonal balance.

The Earthing Institute has compiled years of research on earthing or grounding backing up the claims that this practice can have only positive impacts on immune function and overall health. Here are some of the benefits that the research points to.

Is Grounding Right for You?

– Improved allergies and asthma

– Less arthritis

– Better cognition and memory

– Improved energy

– Better sleep

– Cardiovascular health

– Better mood and less depression

– Relief from stress and anxiety

– Less inflammation and pain

– Balanced hormones

The benefits of grounding outweigh any potential negatives. In fact, the only negative is that you might get dirt in-between your toes. Of course, you do need to be mindful of walking or lying down where there are potential natural hazards. If you aren’t a fan of being outside, consider using the available earthing tools, such as the sleeping mats.

Together with a whole foods diet, exercise, quality rest, regular chiropractic adjustment, and alternative therapies, grounding will only enhance our health and overall wellness. For more information on how to achieve natural overall wellness, call Rai Chiropractic at 604-371-4320.