The Necessity of Staying Hydrated

Drinking plenty of water daily is one of the most important things we can do for our health. Can you believe that our bodies are made up of approximately 60% water?! As we perspire, breathe, or eliminate toxins through our bowels and kidneys, we are releasing water. All that lost water needs to be replenished constantly, lest we risk dehydration.

The Benefits of Drinking Purified Water

Ideally, it is best to drink water that has been purified, filtered, or sourced from a clean, natural spring. Here are some of the benefits of drinking pure water:

– Detoxification of our blood and organs

– Better digestion and kidney function

– Increased immune function

– Decreased fatigue

– Joint lubrication

– Increased energy

– Better sleep

How Much Water Should We Drink?

It is recommended that we drink 2 to 4 liters of water each day, depending on your size and activity level. This should be spaced out over a 12 to 16-hour time period. If you are more sedentary, you likely won’t need to drink 4 liters – you can stick to the lower recommended amount. However, if you are active or athletic, you will need to drink up to 4 liters to replenish water lost through perspiration and exertion. Some of the great minds and high-powered executives advocate drinking 4 to 6 liters daily. This just shows, that even if you’re less-active, drinking plenty of water is still good nourishment for the brain!

We encourage you to drink a larger quantity of water after workouts, massage, acupuncture, and chiropractic adjustments to rehydrate. Physical movement and body work stimulate our detoxification processes, requiring hydration to help move harmful toxins through and out of our bodies.

Some signs that you need to drink more water include:

– Darker coloured urine or no urine for extended periods of time

– Inability to perspire during or after a workout

– Dull headaches

– Cramped muscles

urine colour test

Drinking as much water as is recommended may seem like a daunting task. Some people just find it boring. Others are worried that they will have to use the bathroom too often. Some tips for making this easier are:

The Importance of Hydration as Part of Your Health and Wellness Routine

– Add slices of citrus fruit to your water to enhance the flavor and vitamin C

– Add a fresh mint leaf or essential oil of mint to your water for flavor and an energy boost

– Make a habit of always having a bottle of water with you to remind you to drink

Drinking plenty of water is a necessary part of maintaining your health regimen. Maintaining a clean diet, exercising, getting plenty of sleep, and staying hydrated are the basics of any wellness routine. If you are also incorporating chiropractic adjustments and care, you are advised to drink a sufficient amount of water for at least 24 hours following your chiropractic check-up. This helps lubricate the body and helps with any mild side effects. These are normal as therapeutic procedures can release tension and blockages, allowing for lodged toxins and inflammation to move about.

We highly recommend that you speak with your chiropractor about the natural, whole body approach to your health and wellbeing. He or she is trained to look at you with an open mind and to take an individualized, holistic approach to your healthcare. This includes understanding your specific requirements for staying adequately hydrated.

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